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Sharing is Caring - Videos: "With or Without You || Swan Queen Video || Regina & Emma || Once Upon A Time"

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Emma Swan and Regina Mills had worked so hard to get to the point in their relationship in which they were today. After all, accepting true love isn't always easy.

And it did not start out that way. Even though both Regina and Emma knew that they had deep feelings coursing through their veins for one another, a love so powerful, it could easily defeat the most disasterous evils of the world, didn't make it easier for them to admit to those feelings. Sure they tried, in subtle, inconspicous ways at times, but without success. They seemed to dance around the topic for years without ever achieving admission.

Eventually, Emma had enough. Feeling as though Regina would never return her feelings, Emma confronts Regina about having to end whatever it is between them, and for her to leave Storybrooke. Completely shocked, Regina becomes defensive, her feelings for Emma bubbling under the surface of her resolve. Before she can admit anything rash, she instead makes it known that she will have no part in Emma's departure. Emma tries to show understanding but only feels dread. But when she attempts to make a quick exit, Regina finally shrugs off her pride and puts a stop to their dance.

With the truth finally free, Emma and Regina begin a life together with Henry, showing the entire world that the Swan-Mills family has always been the center of the story the whole time.

One day, Henry brings Emma and Regina a trinket. But the moment Regina touches it, she falls unconscious. Before Regina or Emma can identify what took place, they wake up in odd locations, not knowing how they arrived.

Now I'm going to clue you, the reader, in on something our fearless women have not yet discovered: they have woken up in different realms, and are NOT on the same plane. And because of that, they are both about to experience a painful and deterimental heartbreak.

When Emma goes to seek out Regina, and Regina does the same for Emma, they both reach dead ends, discovering the other is missing. When Regina appears as if by magic to Emma in the middle of Storybrooke, she is suddenly taken by darkness, and killed, before Emma even has a chance to save her. Then we find Regina, who ends up locating Emma in the middle of the street battling a hooded figure of impeccable skill. Regina runs to assist Emma in her fight, but finds her magic stolen away from her in the same moment that a sword is run straight through Emma, killing her instantly. But another clue for the reader - watch closely and make sure to take note of each scene carefully. If you observe, you may be able see the rip in reality come alive.

Both Emma and Regina are heartbroken, feeling their hearts torn clear from their bodies and crushed by the weight of the other's painful and undeniable death. As they both try to deal with the pain of loosing their true love, they find it to be the most difficult endeavor they have ever encountered.

Fast forward six months, and both women are trying to lead their lives, but neither has been able to move forward from the other's death. Both Regina and Emma battle with the demon of their true love gone, but are loosing. Suddenly, Emma is struck with a very real vision of her own death, something she has a difficult time shaking. Seeking help from an evil yet knowledgeable man, Emma soon discovers that she has been living in a different world, separate from her real family, since the day she watched Regina die.

When she discovers this, she is suddenly thrust into a world behind reality. She is suddenly able to watch her friends, and even Henry. Working out a way to get their attention and free herself from this prison, she counts on her son to get the message. Being a super smart young man, he does.

And then she sees her. Her Regina. Her one and only true love. And she's ALIVE.

Once Henry and Emma make contact, a monster suddenly appears to prevent Emma from returning to her family. But just as suddenly, Henry breaks through the barrier, giving Emma a way back home.

And when true love's magic steps in, Emma and Regina are given a second chance...

Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Characters: Regina & Emma - Swan Queen
Starlights - Tracey Chattaway (
We Are Stars - Rhian Sheehan (
On the Nature of Daylight - Max Richter (
The Hug - Atli Örvarsson (
Reality is Lonely - Thomas-Adam Habuda (
Rebirth - Must Save Jane (
Singularity - Nick Murray feat. Roger Shah (

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Sharing is Caring - Videos: "Words Left Unsaid || Swan Queen Video || Emma & Regina || Once Upon A Time"

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Emma Swan and Regina Mills did not start out as friends. But as they grew to trust one another, they became a force unlike any other in the magical world.

One day, Regina and Emma find themselves at sea. In an attempt to right the ship during a heavy storm, Emma gets knocked unconscious underwater. In her stupor, Emma experiences a vision, showing her moments where Regina is the sole focus. As the team makes attempts to rescue Emma, they eventually bring her back on board - but she's not breathing. Something moves within Regina and she realizes that it is all caused by the thought of losing Emma. Her mind flashes images of Emma, and her heart grows heavy with the possibility of her demise. But Emma suddenly comes to, and both women reflect on their visions.

Returning to Storybrooke, Emma finds herself at war with her emotions and thoughts. It is as if her feelings for the mayor had intensified beyond what she thought was capable. But what Emma didn't know was that Regina was experiencing the very same thing. Interactions with one another overflow with a desire to assure the other is kept safe. They seem to find every single way to convey their feelings and get so close to admitting their feelings time and time again without a true confession. As they fall deeper and deeper in love, the struggle becomes all too real.

But then, the unthinkable happens.

A new curse, fresh with evil intent, is closing in on the town quickly. Immediately, Regina realizes what must be done. The town of Storybrooke and all of its character residents must return to their old lives in the Enchanted Forest for one year's time, saving the town and allowing them to return after. But at the cost of being forgotten in the real world. As Emma is a part of the real world, it will not include her, and she must leave Storybrooke while the town absorbs the curse, losing her memories completely of the town and its residents, or she will die.

Being encouraged by her parents and others, Emma looks to Regina. Knowing that they no longer had a future, Regina confesses that she must say goodbye to the thing she loves most. And Emma realizes that Regina is speaking of her.

With no time to react, Emma receives instruction and leaves Storybrooke, never getting the chance to tell Regina how she truly feels in return. However, as soon as Emma passes the town line, her despair disappears. But not for Regina.

After the year has passed, we find Emma living in New York. Regina and the others have returned to Storybrooke, and Regina uses a bit of magic to look in on Emma. But what she sees makes the dread she had already been feeling expand to new levels, and she is stricken with grief, watching the color practically fade out of her world as her heart melts away.

One day, a strange man (but what was once her best friend in Storybrooke) knocks on Emma's door, telling her that all she knows is a lie. As this man trails her across town, he convinces her to discover the truth, and she promptly returns to him after finding evidence of a life she doesn't remember. With a little magic, Emma is suddenly transported through time as her memories of her parents, of Storybrooke, and of Regina, come back to life.

Emma rushes back to Storybrooke in the middle of the night, only wanting to find Regina, but she is unsuccessful. Working with her parents to develop a plan at Granny's, Regina walks into the diner and sees Emma sitting there, and is overcome with shock. Thinking Emma doesn't know who Regina is, and before Emma even has a chance to explain that her memories have returned, Regina is gone. Regina realizes that she is unable to bear the thought of Emma back in Storybrooke without her memory. She makes the ultimate decision to leave the town she loves and cross it's line, therefore eliminating her own memory of Emma, and the love she continues to have for the Savior.

Without being able to find Regina, Emma turns to the town to seek any information regarding Regina's whereabouts. Discovering Regina's plan, Emma rushes away and speeds towards the town line as fast as her yellow bug can take her.

As Emma rushes towards the town line, we come to the point in the story where, as always, true love's magic finally gives them a chance...

Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Characters: Emma & Regina - Swan Queen
Music: The Ends - Luke Howard (
Tears of War - Colossal Trailer Music (
Beth's Theme - Ólafur Arnalds (
I Will Follow You - Toulouse (
Until the End - Really Slow Motion (

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sharing is Caring - Books: "Where Am I Now? True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame" by Mara Wilson

Where Am I Now?: True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental FameWhere Am I Now?: True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame by Mara Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I listened to the audiobook of this piece, narrated by the author herself, Mara Wilson. If you have the means, listening to Mara read this out loud, knowing that it is her own life, was one-of-a-kind and such a unique experience. It brought such an important and vital role to the book that I didn't think was needed until I started to listen.

"That girl" from the critically-acclaimed Matilda movie from the 90s is no more. Mara Wilson is vibrant, fresh, downright honest, and captivating all on her own without the world of Hollywood. And she proves as such so effortlessly in her memoir Where Am I Now?: True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame. In my mind's eye, they are no longer even the same person any more. There's the cute, expressive, bookworm young girl from the movies of my childhood - and then there's this sarcastic, hysterical, storytelling bad ass chick from New York that makes me roar with laughter and cry tears of sadness at her life's stories. I am in love with both, but for separate reasons.

Hearing Mara's stories about the trials and tribulations with Hollywood, it's "image-insisting" participants, and how she navigated in and out of that world as a young girl - these stories really resonated in a way that I still don't quite understand myself. Her words and experiences, spoken directly from her with the beauty that is an audiobook, were infused with emotion, and you could hear and feel and actually understand these without question due to Mara's words. I realized as I continued to listen to her stories that - Mara actually jumps around a lot - one minute she's talking about her show choir days at the beginning of high school, but then segues into discussing how her mother felt about the movie business and the time Mara spent on film sets; then a moment later, is back on the topic of show choir. But what amazed me was that none of it ever seemed out of place. Each story and each shift within the text made sense . Mara made it work, and kept you hypnotized with her words no matter where they took you. It was, for lack of a much better and all-encompassing word, FANTASTIC.

You are a VERY good you

If you haven't already figured it out - I loved this book. I loved the stories Mara told, I loved the way Mara told them, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about things I never would have thought would interest me (show choirs of Southern California and their competitive streaks; Canada and all it has to offer with on-set educators and life-changing individuals; and - most importantly - the in-depth account of what it must be like to live with a seemingly "underrated" mental illness). In recent years, it has become apparent that Mara Wilson is a great storyteller - whether that be on the stages of New York City, behind the microphone of podcasts and voice-over acting work, or in her writings on her blog. But this endeavor - a whole book that opens up about her real life and leaves readers with the ability to listen to what really happened to that "cute little girl from Mrs. Doubtfire!" makes it's own mark in, what I hope, will be a long LONG career in writing for Mara.

Mara - if you ever get a chance to read this in some capacity - thank you for this book. I may be 30 years old, settled down with my family and my job in a very, very close suburb to Burbank in Southern California - but you taught me things about myself that I never thought other people experienced and helped me understand what those things were; you put voice to so many aspects of my own life that it gave me reminder of the one true thing we all must remember...

We are never alone.


If you have the means - pick up this book, preferably in audiobook if at all possible, but in whatever capacity suits you. It's funny, it's entertaining, it's emotional, but most of all, it's real. I have never listened to an audiobook so fast, and I already know I will be rereading this book in my future.



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Sharing is Caring - Books: "Shaken to the Core" by Jae

Shaken to the CoreShaken to the Core by Jae
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this novel for free from NetGalley and Ylva Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Jae's newest contribution to the lesbian historical fiction genre is remarkable. Centering around one of the most destructive natural disasters in recent history, Shaken to the Core is an adventure and whirlwind of emotions that I, truthfully, was not expecting. Following the lives of two very different women as the navigate through this disaster brick by brick is one that had me glued to the pages of this story from the moment I read page one.

Deriving from Jae's Hollywood series, Shaken to the Core is the corresponding story surrounding the screenplay and movie that Jill in Just Physical, along with her friend Grace, star in, all from a screenplay written by Grace's girlfriend, Lauren. I'm so glad Jae decided to write an associated novel to that tidbit in those books, as it is a wonderful reward for her historical fiction fans.

I was more than impressed with this novel, and only found some issues with how the story left me hanging for more. This is the reason for the 4-star review. I firmly believe that this novel is exceptional, and I also completely respect an author's decision on where to end a story and start fresh. But in this case, I did feel that there was something left to be desired, and it may have been just a quick remedy of a more well-rounded ending. Jae's novels have never left me feeling this way in the past, which I believe is the reason I felt it so much in this novel. It is fine to be left wanting more, but I more felt as if I was left with an unfinished tale.

All in all - a fantastic read though. A must-have for any Jae fan, and a beautiful novel to start off if your a first time reader of her work.

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Sharing is Caring - Videos: "The Secrets We Keep || Swan Queen Video || Emma & Regina || Once Upon A Time"

Emma Swan and Regina Mills did not get along. At least, not in the beginning.
But they slowly grew into a friendship that saved lives...and themselves.
As time went on, both Emma and Regina began to trust one another in ways they had never trusted before.
But Emma began to feel...more.

As Emma begins to recognize that her feelings for Regina are more than she had ever thought possible, she begins to evade the advances of one local pirate clearly after her heart. But knowing where her own heart truly lies, she decides to confront Regina about her feelings. When Emma approaches the mayor, she walks into a moment where Regina is in agony over comments someone has made on her time as the Evil Queen. Seeing her distraught, Emma evades her plan.

As time moves on and adventures continue, Emma and the others find themselves in Camelot. Watching a moment between Regina and David, Emma gets up the courage to confront Regina once more. But when she does, she stumbles upon Regina in the arms of a man, and her heart breaks. Taking rash action, she flings herself at the pirate pursuing her, but immediately regrets the action, and eventually comes clean to him with the real truth.

Weeks later, Regina approaches Emma with a request for help. Asking Emma to help her find the man she met in Camelot, Emma is set on staying out of Regina's pursuits for love, until she sees her face. And suddenly, all Emma wants is for Regina to be happy. She agrees, and sets out to find the man.

When Emma does find him, she learns that he is a repulsive wretch that feels the need to defile Emma, stating his knowledge of her feelings for Regina, and that he has been "protecting" Regina from Emma's advances. Emma is crushed, but still notifies Regina of his location, set on ensuring Regina's happiness.

When Regina and the man reunite, Emma watches them cling to each other, and knows that the only way she can save her own heart is to remove herself. And that means leaving Storybrooke.

Emma does leave, much to the dismay of Storybrooke and even Regina. But the information regarding Emma's feelings and the man "protecting" Regina from her advances comes to light, and Regina is furious. She banishes the man from her life, and sets off to find Emma, only to discover that she has completely left Storybrooke, only speaking to her parents.

Regina discovers that the only way to fix everything is to travel back in time to when she, Emma, and all of Storybrooke were in Camelot. Regina will avoid the man from the start, and find Emma, convincing her to stay. Regina brings Mary Margaret and David along to assist in making sure they rewrite history, and Regina reflects on how it was that she could have never known of Emma's feelings. But she realizes that a part of her had always known, because a part of her, a large all-consuming part, had always loved Emma.

Regina is dismayed when she realizes that she has successfully gone back in time, but to the wrong location. She sets out on a search for King Arthur's kingdom, knowing Mary Margaret and David have made it successfully. 

When Regina finds Camelot and finally confronts Emma, moments after she is thrust back to Storybrooke and it's present time. Immediately upon returning, she is overcome, and is suddenly whisked through memory after memory of the moments and signs Regina had missed where Emma had showed her love. But when she wakes, Emma is there, in Storybrooke, standing over her.

Little did Regina know, true love's magic had helped her find the way...

Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Characters: Emma & Regina - Swan Queen
Music: Mix created by Far Nerdy comprised of the following:
Time & Tide by Fired Earth Music (
Kérastase by dévoile (
Forgiving by Evgeny Raskin (
Close by David Yousefi (
Glimmer of Hope by Ivan Torrent (
Riding the Light by Really Slow Motion (

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Sharing is Caring - Videos: "Out of the Darkness || Swan Queen Video || Regina & Emma || Once Upon A Time"

Regina Mills and Emma Swan's relationship began with a rocky start. 
But as time went on, their feelings for one another grew in silence.
Closer and closer they became, until they relied on one another for more than each was willing to admit.

But one day, Regina began to notice a change in Emma...
...a dark change...

Doing everything in her power, Regina vowed to all of those who loved Emma to keep her from the darkness...
But without having admitted their love for one another
True love's magic couldn't keep Emma safe...

When Emma turns against the ones she loves, her rage fuels her fight for power and destruction. She begins to lash out at everyone she loves, including Regina.

Regina follows Emma around town as much as possible, coming up against her at every turn. Feeling wholly responsible for Emma's plunge into the world of darkness, Regina feels the need to keep going, and never give up on Emma - no matter the consequence.

Regina and Emma's parents, as well as others throughout the town of Storybrooke, fight their way to keep Emma from falling completely into darkness. But Emma has already done the impossible, and has released a new beast upon the town, intent on killing everyone in a mass exodus and sacrifice to the "dark ones."

When Emma watches this new demon harm Regina, completely for the game of hurting Emma and nothing more, something shifts within Emma, causing her desire for power and evil to fade away. Realizing she must save her friends and family, Emma goes to Regina to apologize, but comes up short when Regina lashes out at Emma, causing both of them shock and alarm. With the reality of Regina hating Emma in her current state, she begins to realize just how deeply her feelings for the mayor had rooted within her heart, and it becomes her sole motivation to go back to her true self, and tell Regina how she feels.

When Regina returns to find Mary Margaret waiting for her after her interaction with Emma, she confesses her true feelings for the savior, slowly feeling her hope slip away that she will ever be able to tell the real Emma Swan. Mary Margaret encourages Regina to stay strong, despite her obvious pain at the sight of what Emma had become. Mary Margaret's words hit Regina deeply, and she finds new inspiration after their encounter.

But little does anyone in the town of Storybrooke know - Emma is working to make things right. However, the final step is one she needs to keep secret. She calls upon Regina to assist her without telling anyone else of her plan. But in this request, she asks Regina to keep her promise to destroy the darkness no matter the consequence. Regina waivers, enacting an internal battle of such magnitude. How could she possibly fulfill her promise and be the cause of Emma leaving her world?

But as we know (and as I've told you before), magic works in mysterious ways...
...especially when true love's magic finally makes an appearance...

Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Characters: Regina & Emma - Swan Queen
Music: "A Step in the Forest" Mix created by Far Nerdy 
comprised of the following:
When It All Falls Down by Ivan Torrent (
Aligning Hearts by Ivan Torrent (
Best Thing That Ever Happened by Steve Jablonsky - from "Transformers: Age of Extinction" OST (
Waves by Mattia Cupelli (

PLEASE - if you wish to use clips from this video and/or use this idea in your manip or edit, give credit back to this video and/or YouTube channel. Do not take the idea or any manipulated clips from my videos for yourself or your edits and manips. Hard work was put into this creation, and I am counting on you to pay it forward. Your cooperation is extremely appreciated. :)

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Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Sharing is Caring - Books: "The Copper Egg" by Catherine Friend

The Copper Egg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It seems that there are a good number of authors in the Les Fic genre that you can always count on for a good read. In my arsenal, these include Melissa Brayden, Gerri Hill, Jae, Lisa Moreau, and...the one and only Catherine Friend.

With The Copper Egg, Friend has once again delivered a rip-roaring adventure tale set against an amazing backdrop with that beautiful touch of lesbianism to boot. Escaping to Peru to follow looters, historians, archaeologists, government officials, and dangerous mad men, The Copper Egg is a great ride, and just as enjoyable as Friend's other adventure tales. With main character Claire Adams coming off as a cross between Indiana Jones and a lesbian Lara Croft, and her counterpart, ex Sochi Castillo, reminding me of a female version of Brendan Frasier's character in "The Mummy," each page turn brought about a new and exciting spin to the adventure unfolding.

Hell Yeah Lara Croft

Tomb raiding and dig diving, Claire has loved her life her love of archaeology, tombs, culture, and history as she lives the life as a director of a preserver of Peru's antiquities. She fulfills every aspect of her life serving as the operator for such endeavors, especially with the love of her life by her side throughout it all. But when a horrible unveiling in the news flies across Peru, Claire is left jobless, ridiculed, and heartbroken. She retreats to the United States, alone and unmotivated, for three years. When Claire receives a mysterious package from Peru at her current settled (and rather boring) life in the United States, she is whisked back to the land where her archaeologist heart never left. What she discovers, both in the dirt - and in her heart - is nothing short of a fantastic venture.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I have read other reviews, and have heard the complaints surrounding some pieces of this novel, especially compared to others written by the author. And I respect and, admittedly, see and experienced what those reviews were discussing. But the book was still so enjoyable. I had a fun time reading it, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each and every character (because even the minor characters played major roles and were fascinating to get to know), and I looked forward to getting a chance to sit down with the book every day that I was reading it. It was well written, it was a great adventure, it was touching and sweet and mysterious all at the same time - overall, it was a great story, and a novel in which I will come back to in my life.

Bravo, Catherine Friend - you've done it again :).


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