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Emma Swan and Regina Mills did not start out as friends. But as they grew to trust one another, they became a force unlike any other in the magical world.

One day, Regina and Emma find themselves at sea. In an attempt to right the ship during a heavy storm, Emma gets knocked unconscious underwater. In her stupor, Emma experiences a vision, showing her moments where Regina is the sole focus. As the team makes attempts to rescue Emma, they eventually bring her back on board - but she's not breathing. Something moves within Regina and she realizes that it is all caused by the thought of losing Emma. Her mind flashes images of Emma, and her heart grows heavy with the possibility of her demise. But Emma suddenly comes to, and both women reflect on their visions.

Returning to Storybrooke, Emma finds herself at war with her emotions and thoughts. It is as if her feelings for the mayor had intensified beyond what she thought was capable. But what Emma didn't know was that Regina was experiencing the very same thing. Interactions with one another overflow with a desire to assure the other is kept safe. They seem to find every single way to convey their feelings and get so close to admitting their feelings time and time again without a true confession. As they fall deeper and deeper in love, the struggle becomes all too real.

But then, the unthinkable happens.

A new curse, fresh with evil intent, is closing in on the town quickly. Immediately, Regina realizes what must be done. The town of Storybrooke and all of its character residents must return to their old lives in the Enchanted Forest for one year's time, saving the town and allowing them to return after. But at the cost of being forgotten in the real world. As Emma is a part of the real world, it will not include her, and she must leave Storybrooke while the town absorbs the curse, losing her memories completely of the town and its residents, or she will die.

Being encouraged by her parents and others, Emma looks to Regina. Knowing that they no longer had a future, Regina confesses that she must say goodbye to the thing she loves most. And Emma realizes that Regina is speaking of her.

With no time to react, Emma receives instruction and leaves Storybrooke, never getting the chance to tell Regina how she truly feels in return. However, as soon as Emma passes the town line, her despair disappears. But not for Regina.

After the year has passed, we find Emma living in New York. Regina and the others have returned to Storybrooke, and Regina uses a bit of magic to look in on Emma. But what she sees makes the dread she had already been feeling expand to new levels, and she is stricken with grief, watching the color practically fade out of her world as her heart melts away.

One day, a strange man (but what was once her best friend in Storybrooke) knocks on Emma's door, telling her that all she knows is a lie. As this man trails her across town, he convinces her to discover the truth, and she promptly returns to him after finding evidence of a life she doesn't remember. With a little magic, Emma is suddenly transported through time as her memories of her parents, of Storybrooke, and of Regina, come back to life.

Emma rushes back to Storybrooke in the middle of the night, only wanting to find Regina, but she is unsuccessful. Working with her parents to develop a plan at Granny's, Regina walks into the diner and sees Emma sitting there, and is overcome with shock. Thinking Emma doesn't know who Regina is, and before Emma even has a chance to explain that her memories have returned, Regina is gone. Regina realizes that she is unable to bear the thought of Emma back in Storybrooke without her memory. She makes the ultimate decision to leave the town she loves and cross it's line, therefore eliminating her own memory of Emma, and the love she continues to have for the Savior.

Without being able to find Regina, Emma turns to the town to seek any information regarding Regina's whereabouts. Discovering Regina's plan, Emma rushes away and speeds towards the town line as fast as her yellow bug can take her.

As Emma rushes towards the town line, we come to the point in the story where, as always, true love's magic finally gives them a chance...

Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Characters: Emma & Regina - Swan Queen
Music: The Ends - Luke Howard (
Tears of War - Colossal Trailer Music (
Beth's Theme - Ólafur Arnalds (
I Will Follow You - Toulouse (
Until the End - Really Slow Motion (

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