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Emma Swan and Regina Mills did not get along. At least, not in the beginning.
But they slowly grew into a friendship that saved lives...and themselves.
As time went on, both Emma and Regina began to trust one another in ways they had never trusted before.
But Emma began to feel...more.

As Emma begins to recognize that her feelings for Regina are more than she had ever thought possible, she begins to evade the advances of one local pirate clearly after her heart. But knowing where her own heart truly lies, she decides to confront Regina about her feelings. When Emma approaches the mayor, she walks into a moment where Regina is in agony over comments someone has made on her time as the Evil Queen. Seeing her distraught, Emma evades her plan.

As time moves on and adventures continue, Emma and the others find themselves in Camelot. Watching a moment between Regina and David, Emma gets up the courage to confront Regina once more. But when she does, she stumbles upon Regina in the arms of a man, and her heart breaks. Taking rash action, she flings herself at the pirate pursuing her, but immediately regrets the action, and eventually comes clean to him with the real truth.

Weeks later, Regina approaches Emma with a request for help. Asking Emma to help her find the man she met in Camelot, Emma is set on staying out of Regina's pursuits for love, until she sees her face. And suddenly, all Emma wants is for Regina to be happy. She agrees, and sets out to find the man.

When Emma does find him, she learns that he is a repulsive wretch that feels the need to defile Emma, stating his knowledge of her feelings for Regina, and that he has been "protecting" Regina from Emma's advances. Emma is crushed, but still notifies Regina of his location, set on ensuring Regina's happiness.

When Regina and the man reunite, Emma watches them cling to each other, and knows that the only way she can save her own heart is to remove herself. And that means leaving Storybrooke.

Emma does leave, much to the dismay of Storybrooke and even Regina. But the information regarding Emma's feelings and the man "protecting" Regina from her advances comes to light, and Regina is furious. She banishes the man from her life, and sets off to find Emma, only to discover that she has completely left Storybrooke, only speaking to her parents.

Regina discovers that the only way to fix everything is to travel back in time to when she, Emma, and all of Storybrooke were in Camelot. Regina will avoid the man from the start, and find Emma, convincing her to stay. Regina brings Mary Margaret and David along to assist in making sure they rewrite history, and Regina reflects on how it was that she could have never known of Emma's feelings. But she realizes that a part of her had always known, because a part of her, a large all-consuming part, had always loved Emma.

Regina is dismayed when she realizes that she has successfully gone back in time, but to the wrong location. She sets out on a search for King Arthur's kingdom, knowing Mary Margaret and David have made it successfully. 

When Regina finds Camelot and finally confronts Emma, moments after she is thrust back to Storybrooke and it's present time. Immediately upon returning, she is overcome, and is suddenly whisked through memory after memory of the moments and signs Regina had missed where Emma had showed her love. But when she wakes, Emma is there, in Storybrooke, standing over her.

Little did Regina know, true love's magic had helped her find the way...

Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Characters: Emma & Regina - Swan Queen
Music: Mix created by Far Nerdy comprised of the following:
Time & Tide by Fired Earth Music (
Kérastase by dévoile (
Forgiving by Evgeny Raskin (
Close by David Yousefi (
Glimmer of Hope by Ivan Torrent (
Riding the Light by Really Slow Motion (

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