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Emma Swan and Regina Mills had worked so hard to get to the point in their relationship in which they were today. After all, accepting true love isn't always easy.

And it did not start out that way. Even though both Regina and Emma knew that they had deep feelings coursing through their veins for one another, a love so powerful, it could easily defeat the most disasterous evils of the world, didn't make it easier for them to admit to those feelings. Sure they tried, in subtle, inconspicous ways at times, but without success. They seemed to dance around the topic for years without ever achieving admission.

Eventually, Emma had enough. Feeling as though Regina would never return her feelings, Emma confronts Regina about having to end whatever it is between them, and for her to leave Storybrooke. Completely shocked, Regina becomes defensive, her feelings for Emma bubbling under the surface of her resolve. Before she can admit anything rash, she instead makes it known that she will have no part in Emma's departure. Emma tries to show understanding but only feels dread. But when she attempts to make a quick exit, Regina finally shrugs off her pride and puts a stop to their dance.

With the truth finally free, Emma and Regina begin a life together with Henry, showing the entire world that the Swan-Mills family has always been the center of the story the whole time.

One day, Henry brings Emma and Regina a trinket. But the moment Regina touches it, she falls unconscious. Before Regina or Emma can identify what took place, they wake up in odd locations, not knowing how they arrived.

Now I'm going to clue you, the reader, in on something our fearless women have not yet discovered: they have woken up in different realms, and are NOT on the same plane. And because of that, they are both about to experience a painful and deterimental heartbreak.

When Emma goes to seek out Regina, and Regina does the same for Emma, they both reach dead ends, discovering the other is missing. When Regina appears as if by magic to Emma in the middle of Storybrooke, she is suddenly taken by darkness, and killed, before Emma even has a chance to save her. Then we find Regina, who ends up locating Emma in the middle of the street battling a hooded figure of impeccable skill. Regina runs to assist Emma in her fight, but finds her magic stolen away from her in the same moment that a sword is run straight through Emma, killing her instantly. But another clue for the reader - watch closely and make sure to take note of each scene carefully. If you observe, you may be able see the rip in reality come alive.

Both Emma and Regina are heartbroken, feeling their hearts torn clear from their bodies and crushed by the weight of the other's painful and undeniable death. As they both try to deal with the pain of loosing their true love, they find it to be the most difficult endeavor they have ever encountered.

Fast forward six months, and both women are trying to lead their lives, but neither has been able to move forward from the other's death. Both Regina and Emma battle with the demon of their true love gone, but are loosing. Suddenly, Emma is struck with a very real vision of her own death, something she has a difficult time shaking. Seeking help from an evil yet knowledgeable man, Emma soon discovers that she has been living in a different world, separate from her real family, since the day she watched Regina die.

When she discovers this, she is suddenly thrust into a world behind reality. She is suddenly able to watch her friends, and even Henry. Working out a way to get their attention and free herself from this prison, she counts on her son to get the message. Being a super smart young man, he does.

And then she sees her. Her Regina. Her one and only true love. And she's ALIVE.

Once Henry and Emma make contact, a monster suddenly appears to prevent Emma from returning to her family. But just as suddenly, Henry breaks through the barrier, giving Emma a way back home.

And when true love's magic steps in, Emma and Regina are given a second chance...

Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Characters: Regina & Emma - Swan Queen
Starlights - Tracey Chattaway (
We Are Stars - Rhian Sheehan (
On the Nature of Daylight - Max Richter (
The Hug - Atli Örvarsson (
Reality is Lonely - Thomas-Adam Habuda (
Rebirth - Must Save Jane (
Singularity - Nick Murray feat. Roger Shah (

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