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Sharing is Caring - Books: "Shaken to the Core" by Jae

Shaken to the CoreShaken to the Core by Jae
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this novel for free from NetGalley and Ylva Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Jae's newest contribution to the lesbian historical fiction genre is remarkable. Centering around one of the most destructive natural disasters in recent history, Shaken to the Core is an adventure and whirlwind of emotions that I, truthfully, was not expecting. Following the lives of two very different women as the navigate through this disaster brick by brick is one that had me glued to the pages of this story from the moment I read page one.

Deriving from Jae's Hollywood series, Shaken to the Core is the corresponding story surrounding the screenplay and movie that Jill in Just Physical, along with her friend Grace, star in, all from a screenplay written by Grace's girlfriend, Lauren. I'm so glad Jae decided to write an associated novel to that tidbit in those books, as it is a wonderful reward for her historical fiction fans.

I was more than impressed with this novel, and only found some issues with how the story left me hanging for more. This is the reason for the 4-star review. I firmly believe that this novel is exceptional, and I also completely respect an author's decision on where to end a story and start fresh. But in this case, I did feel that there was something left to be desired, and it may have been just a quick remedy of a more well-rounded ending. Jae's novels have never left me feeling this way in the past, which I believe is the reason I felt it so much in this novel. It is fine to be left wanting more, but I more felt as if I was left with an unfinished tale.

All in all - a fantastic read though. A must-have for any Jae fan, and a beautiful novel to start off if your a first time reader of her work.

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