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Sharing is Caring - Books: "The Copper Egg" by Catherine Friend

The Copper Egg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It seems that there are a good number of authors in the Les Fic genre that you can always count on for a good read. In my arsenal, these include Melissa Brayden, Gerri Hill, Jae, Lisa Moreau, and...the one and only Catherine Friend.

With The Copper Egg, Friend has once again delivered a rip-roaring adventure tale set against an amazing backdrop with that beautiful touch of lesbianism to boot. Escaping to Peru to follow looters, historians, archaeologists, government officials, and dangerous mad men, The Copper Egg is a great ride, and just as enjoyable as Friend's other adventure tales. With main character Claire Adams coming off as a cross between Indiana Jones and a lesbian Lara Croft, and her counterpart, ex Sochi Castillo, reminding me of a female version of Brendan Frasier's character in "The Mummy," each page turn brought about a new and exciting spin to the adventure unfolding.

Hell Yeah Lara Croft

Tomb raiding and dig diving, Claire has loved her life her love of archaeology, tombs, culture, and history as she lives the life as a director of a preserver of Peru's antiquities. She fulfills every aspect of her life serving as the operator for such endeavors, especially with the love of her life by her side throughout it all. But when a horrible unveiling in the news flies across Peru, Claire is left jobless, ridiculed, and heartbroken. She retreats to the United States, alone and unmotivated, for three years. When Claire receives a mysterious package from Peru at her current settled (and rather boring) life in the United States, she is whisked back to the land where her archaeologist heart never left. What she discovers, both in the dirt - and in her heart - is nothing short of a fantastic venture.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I have read other reviews, and have heard the complaints surrounding some pieces of this novel, especially compared to others written by the author. And I respect and, admittedly, see and experienced what those reviews were discussing. But the book was still so enjoyable. I had a fun time reading it, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each and every character (because even the minor characters played major roles and were fascinating to get to know), and I looked forward to getting a chance to sit down with the book every day that I was reading it. It was well written, it was a great adventure, it was touching and sweet and mysterious all at the same time - overall, it was a great story, and a novel in which I will come back to in my life.

Bravo, Catherine Friend - you've done it again :).


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