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Regina Mills and Emma Swan have finally found love. But just because they have found their happy ending, doesn't mean that they are safe from all of the unpredicted dangers of a magical world.

On one fateful day, Regina goes missing, having been kidnapped by two ruthless villains set on destroying the town of Storybrooke. Emma begins her search to the ends of the Earth to find the woman she loves, while also moving forward in making every attempt to save Storybrooke. Unbeknownst to Emma, Regina's captors have figured out a way in which to trigger the Evil Queen from the depths of Regina's conscious, releasing her back into the fairy tale world to continue her havoc. Torturing Regina beyond any level someone should have to withstand, Regina sends out a message of love to Emma as she slips away, morphing into the Evil Queen...for good.

Emma is so close to finding Regina that she hears Regina's declaration of love, reaching her a moment too late, and witnesses Regina turn flesh and bone into the Evil Queen. Dread and failure overwhelm Emma as she watches her one true love perish into a dark existence.

But when Emma and Hook witness an odd appearance show over the town, they investigate and get transported directly into the Enchanted Forest, right in the midst of the Evil Queen’s path. Discovering their whereabouts, Emma gets an up-close glimpse of Regina as the Evil Queen, and is stunned. Watching some of the heinous acts Regina commits sends Emma into a deeper depression as the reminder of her failure to save the woman she loves most barrels out of control disaster after disaster. But when she and Hook sit down to figure out a way to return to Storybrooke, Emma realizes that maybe there is hope, if only she can trigger Regina's memory of their true love.

Seeking assistance from Rumpelstiltskin, Emma and Hook find their way into a royal ball where Regina attends, and Emma finally comes face-to-face with the woman she yearns to have again. But the Evil Queen has other plans, and imprisons Emma for years without a second thought. Emma vows to never give up this time and stays true, intent on bringing Regina back, despite the hardships the imprisonment takes on her soul.

But then, as we have all learned, magic can work in mysterious ways. 

Especially True Love’s Magic…

Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Characters: Regina & Emma - Swan Queen
Music: "A Step in the Forest" Mix created by Far Nerdy 
comprised of the following:
Carry Me by Eurielle (
See What I've Become by Zack Hemsey (
A Thousand Words by Dorian Marko (
Memories of You by Christian Baczyk (
Alive by Kari Sigurdsson (

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The Legal Stuff:

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to Once Upon a Time or their characters, to Eurielle, to Zack Hemsey, to Dorian Marko, to Christian Baczyk, or to Kari Sigurdsson, and I make no profit from this.

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