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Regina Mills and Emma Swan have a past. One that did not begin well. When Emma arrived in Storybrooke, ME and forced to work with the arguable Madame Mayor, interactions were not pleasant. But when Regina was assigned to teach Emma how to use and harness her incredible magic skills, a shift in their relationship began to take shape. Suddenly, both women were harnessing deeply rooted emotions for one another, ones that their friendship was unable to develop into what they, secretly yet silently, both desired. But when harsh words were spoken without thought, it all came to a crashing end, with a long-term separation that left Emma and Regina both lost.

10 years later, Emma returns to Storybrooke by her parent’s request to assist with an evil consuming the coastal Maine town. Intent on keeping the peace between her and the Mayor while in Storybrooke, Emma attempts to keep their interactions civil. At a welcome back party hosted by Emma’s old friends, Regina shows up to the dismay of the entire party, except Emma. Since Emma’s departure, Regina had developed a reputation of being cold and distant, alienating herself from the town and unintentionally encouraging their distrust of her. Emma makes it her goal to help redeem Regina’s name by using her help to rid the town of the demons consuming Storybrooke.

Blow after blow, the two women attack and conquer the dealings they are dealt one at a time. Discovering a piece of the puzzle that will bring Storybrooke closer to freedom shows that sacrifice is a necessary price for succeeding. Regina takes it upon herself to be that sacrifice, wishing for the town to remember her the way she wants to be – good. While Emma watches Regina perish underneath the weight of the sacrifice, despite her pleas for her to reconsider, an idea dawns that the two of them could vanquish this without sacrifice…together. When they take on the task, they are both suddenly thrust into memories of all they’ve been through, all they’ve overcome, and all they’ve kept secret.

When their strategy works and they move closer to saving Storybrooke, Emma’s parents confront her to advise that Regina has been keeping a secret. A deeply rooted secret that she never speaks about, never acknowledges, and keeps buried deep within her soul; but one that Emma’s parents know to be true.

Regina is in love with Emma.

At first, Emma doesn’t know how to handle the information. It’s as if one of her deepest desires but most frightening possibilities are realized. Emma acts strangely around Regina, and Regina takes notice. Seeking advice from her mother, Emma pushes herself to confront Regina. When Emma pleads with her, almost menacingly, Regina breaks and confesses the truth. Emma is stunned, but Regina runs before Emma is able to tell Regina how she feels.

Emma runs after Regina, but is met with nothing more than a closed door and an unanswered knock.
Regina is devastated, knowing that she could never have a happy ending. Someone always gets hurt. With her feelings over Emma being known, she can’t overcome the horrific idea that Emma will perish because of the feelings she cannot control. 

The final piece to overcoming Storybrooke’s evil reaches its peak. Emma and Regina show up to fight the evil, but discover that the darkness has disappeared. Before they are able to conceive a plan for the next step, it suddenly shows, and devours Regina in its cage of despair. Emma and the town attempt to pull Regina free, Emma pleading with Regina to hold on. When Emma attempts to pull the demon from Regina, she is thrown back and left with the sight of Regina disappearing from her world.

Left with only her memories and words left unsaid, Emma is beyond despair, feeling her world darken and become enveloped by sadness and loss. Recovering Regina’s hollow body, Emma takes a moment to finally express her true feelings for the woman she was never given a chance to love. As she cries over Regina’s empty remains, she is suddenly granted a vision of Regina, in between worlds and using her last moments before being stripped away from reality to tell Emma how much she loves her. Emma is overjoyed that they finally say these words to one another. But then feels the sadness return when the vision is gone.

At Regina’s funeral, Emma takes her own time to tell Regina of all she wished they could have, of how foolish they had been for not admitting their feelings, and of how much she misses the woman that had come to mean more to her than she could have ever thought possible. But suddenly, in a rare form of magical intervention, Emma is given one more chance…

Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Characters: Regina & Emma
Music: "Arrival of the Birds & Transformation" by The Cinematic Orchestra
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to Once Upon a Time or their characters or to The Cinematic Orchestra, and I make no profit from this.

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