Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sharing is Caring - Videos: "Loving Lana Parrilla || Regina Mills || Evill Regals Appreciate! || Once Upon A Time"

~*~Lana Parrilla~*~




Lana Parrilla has always been inspirational to me.  The way she goes about her life - with her fans, with her cast mates, with her family - she always continues to show her appreciation, as well as bestow the utmost kindness on everyone she comes into contact with.  For this, as well as her sense of humor, long standing approach to laughing through life, and the "heart with two legs" mentality that the world has come to recognize of her - I give my appreciation to Lana for just being Lana.

If you ever get to see this - Lana Parrilla, thank you for being an inspiration to so many, especially me.

Fandom: Once Upon A Time/Lana Parrilla
Music: "Up" by The Score (from the original movie "Sing Street")

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The Legal Stuff:

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to Once Upon a Time or their characters, to The Score, or to the movie "Sing Street", and I make no profit from this.

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