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Emma has always admired Regina and secretly held a deeply-rooted love for her since her arrival in Storybrooke. Pining away, Emma steels herself against continuously watching Regina follow suitors that never live up to expectation.

On one fateful day in Storybrooke, Emma has to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life. She must take action to protect all of the people of the town against a horrific curse, but in doing so, hurting the one person she would never wish to harm - Regina.

Time passes and Storybrooke is safe once again, thanks to it's commendable Savior. But Emma isn't strutting around town like the hero she is. She is faltering, feeling the effects of her decision down to her core. Because only now does Regina acknowledge her on a daily basis, but for all the wrong reasons. 

Regina despises Emma.

Emma takes it upon herself to try and make amends, but Regina blocks her at every turn. Eventually, Regina lays into Emma for ruining her life, and Emma succumbs to the hurt and anguish of Regina's words by doing the one thing she knows how to do best - she runs.

When Regina learns of Emma's departure, she begins to feel guilt. Regina runs to Emma's parents to ask them if anyone had gone to look for Emma. David responds by telling Regina that Emma found a way to live outside of Storybrooke but still retain her memories of her family. Regina is shocked that both of Emma's parents are okay with this, stunning both David and Mary Margaret with her reaction. Regina begins to feel remorse beyond comparison as it begins to settle in deep that she is the reason Emma is gone.

While away, Emma gets some sound advice from another queen of a different type, giving her the inspiration to not give up on Regina despite everything that had occurred. With renewed energy and determination, Emma returns to Storybrooke. Immediately confronting Regina, Emma takes the time to explain that she never meant to hurt her, and that all she has ever wanted was to be friends with Regina. Regina hears Emma out, allowing her the chance to explain after feeling her own guilt about causing Emma to leave Storybrooke. Emma makes a bold move and states to Regina that she will never stop trying to be friends, and Regina feels compelled to give a friendship with Emma a chance.

As the two give one another a second chance, Regina begins to notice her feelings shifting for the young hero, and Emma can't help but notice the different attention that is being bestowed upon her by the one woman she has always held close. Seeking advice from her mother, Mary Margaret advises Emma to do the right thing, leaving it up to Emma's interpretation, and to figure it out.  Emma realizes that if she never takes a chance with Regina, the possibility of a happy ending may never even occur. Emma gathers up her courage and approaches Regina, and Regina responds with such enthusiasm that both women fall into love without ever looking back.

While Emma was away, she developed and honed her magic skills, becoming powerful beyond measure. When Regina learns of this, the two begin fighting off all traces of evil in Storybrooke - none of it a match for the two women and the magic they make together.

But when Emma and Regina attempt to vanquish a source of evil, and think the job complete, it reappears. Emma acts without thinking and pushes Regina to safety as the spirit is finally captured. But no one sees the spirit grab for Emma as the portal begins to close, and before anything can be done to stop it, Emma disappears along with the spirit.

Regina is devastated, only then realizing her true affections for the young woman, and how they have grown exponentially. She curses herself for the way she behaved and acted towards Emma before, and the guilt coursing through her burns through every vein.  She takes it upon herself to find a way to bring Emma back.

Discovering a dangerous method, Regina makes the decision to bring Emma back, even if the price to be paid could mean Regina's life.

But due to the true love the two women share, and the power that love can have against all evil, Regina successfully brings Emma back to her, and doesn't waste time telling her how she truly feels and how she will always feel for the Savior. Emma is overwhelmed by Regina's declaration, and can finally admit her own feelings to the Mayor; those she has harbored for so long.

And, like most fairy tales, they live happily ever after.

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Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Characters: Emma & Regina
Music: My Own Custom Mix created from the following:
Fix You Cover by Stringspace String Quartet
Fix You Orchestrated Cover by jscottrakozy

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