Friday, May 20, 2016

Sharing is Caring - Videos: "Lana Parrilla || Top 3 Favorite Q&A Moments || Interview with AOL Build 5/11/2016

New Lana Parrilla appreciation video! ;) 

On Wednesday, May 11 2016, Lana Parrilla did a fantastic interview with AOL Build in New York, NY. The Q&A session that ended the interview was funny, sincere, and just awesome all around.  Here is a selection of my favorite moments from the Q&A, containing questions about which character Lana feels Regina would want to switch with from Storybrooke, what other villains Lana would love to play, and even a small discussion about Lana's voice.


Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Character(s): Regina Mills
Actor(s): Lana Parrilla

The Legal Stuff:
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to Once Upon a Time under ABC/Disney or their characters, I do not own the rights to any content from AOL Build, and I make no profit from any of this.

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