Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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When dealt yet another hardship, Regina Mills retreats to the safe confines of her office to escape the pain that never ceases to stop when it comes to her happy ending.  Emma Swan runs after her, arriving too late to encounter the Mayor of Storybrooke face-to-face. But Emma takes it upon herself to try and convince Regina not to give up.  Practically being able to hear Regina's hope slipping away, Emma vows to do it for her, and promises to ensure Regina the happy ending she has always deserved.

But when Emma leaves the Mayor in peace, Regina lets Emma's words sink in, and she begins to realize that...maybe...Emma has already fulfilled her promise. Reminiscing over the past, Regina realizes that at almost every turn towards her happy ending, her own walls have prevented her from fully experiencing it's true potential.

Because - all along - she's been looking for the wrong happy ending. Regina realizes that Emma is her happy ending.

But struck with fear at this realization, Regina prevents herself from taking any steps to fulfill her new-found goal.  Too scared to pursue her true happy ending when it could so easily be stripped away from her is a risk she is not willing to take.

Emma soon realizes that she herself has been looking in all the wrong places for her happy ending, and that it solely lies within Regina.  Emma begins to believe that Regina feels the same, but feels each and every attempt she makes to bring them closer is met with one of Regina's well-built walls.

After speaking to one of her closest friends, Emma understands more than ever before that Regina is her happy ending, her "home".  And without delaying one more day, she approaches Regina directly, forcing the two women to talk, and finally confess.

Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Characters: Emma & Regina
Music: "Where the Streets Have No Name" by 2CELLOS

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to Once Upon a Time or their characters, to 2CELLOs, or to the band U2, and I make no profit from this.

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