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Sharing is Caring - Books: "Love on the Red Rocks" by Lisa Moreau

Love on the Red Rocks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So I'm just going to go ahead and add Lisa Moreau to my "buy everything this author writes" list and leave that there as a start off to this review.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, from beginning to end. Even the start of it seemed really well-paced, providing the necessary prologue to make the rest of the story really even out throughout. Debut author Lisa Moreau provided us a with a great first novel full of fantastic characters, a beautiful backdrop, mystical romances, secrets in love (the good kind), falling for our best friends, realizing our judgments are, often, incorrect, a fantastic lesbian retreat group (where can I find one of these in real life?!), and believable scenarios that may hit close to home with many of us.

Each character was one that stuck with me in different ways. Main character Malley reminds me of that great friend you have that needs to control every aspect of her life, but you still find adorable. She reminds me a lot of Mallory Spencer in Melissa Brayden's Soho Savvy series. But the character of Jessie was, by far, my favorite. I can't quite grasp what it was about her that made her seem like someone I would find myself being attracted to, just for the pure sake of wanting to know her and be friends with her, but a large part of it was because she was written in such a real and genuine way. Her struggles, her attitude, her approach to life and all in it, just came across as the most authentic I've read in a while. Not something extenuated by the perils of novel writing, but actually a complete character that made it seem like you could meet this woman in the street in any major city. I can't gush about the characters enough.

Moreau continues to fascinate the reader by painting a beautiful backdrop of the picturesque mountains and landscapes of Sedona, AZ, fully grasping the surroundings to make it sound like it was a character all its own. This book made me add Sedona, AZ to one of my next vacation destinations. I can't wait to see it all for myself.

I'm still not quite sure how to explain why I loved this book so much. The story was great, the characters were fantastic, the love story predictable yet charming, the side stories well embedded into the main plot - I don't know. It all just WORKED.
That'll work

Moreau's writing style reminded me of a cross between Melissa Brayden and Gerri Hill, which may add to the reasons why I enjoyed the novel so much. Some things didn't sit so well with me, mostly just certain word choices. But those occurrences didn't take away the pure joy I still had while reading the novel. I thoroughly appreciated how Moreau conveyed the characters to not take themselves too seriously, how they came to grips with the fact that they had been wrong about a thing or two, and how Moreau was able to teach me the same lessons that her characters were learning through her descriptions and narratives. Again, only a few authors (i.e. Brayden and Hill, among others) have done that for me in the past, and I take those lessons to heart when an author helps me figure them out without pointing me in the exact direction I am supposed to take in the learning of the lesson.

This was a fun read, and a good one at that. The romance is strong, the sex scenes are glorious, and the pace is very close to being perfect for the novel. Bold Strokes Books has found another winning author in my opinion, and I anxiously look forward to Lisa Moreau's next novel with them.

Now, how do I start over and read it all again?
Begin Again

Rating: ⋆⋆⋆

You can purchase "Love on the Red Rocks" from Amazon or Bold Strokes Books, Available Now!

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