Monday, November 16, 2015

Let's Talk About BioWare

If any of you have been reading any part of my blog prior to this, you should know by now that I'm gay, and I'm in a same sex marriage.

You should also know by now that literature and video games basically are my two main hobbies in life.  Well, aside from being with my family and loving being married that is.

I reviewed one of my (now) favorite video games ever on here about a year ago - Dragon Age: Inquisition.  BioWare is one of the best game developers out there, along with Bethesda, Ubisoft, Valve, and Naughty Dog.  But the reason I love their games?  Because those games have a STORY - they're deeply developed, like reading a fantastic fantasy (the Dragon Age series) or science fiction (the Mass Effect series) novel, and getting to interact with it in all ways.  Another reason I love BioWare, and one reason the rest of the world does too, is because they offer intricately developed romance options in all of their games.  Ones where you have to actually woo the person you're pursuing, as well as be a real person and make decisions that could affect the outcome of your romance with this person.

But the hook, line, and sinker?  Their romance options include LGBT options!  How freaking cool is that?!  Not only do I get to battle dragons, make lifelong friends, and strut around in custom made armor and weaponry, I actually get to full on make out (among other things) with the same sex as my main character!  Bravo BioWare!!

So, with this, I recently played Dragon Age: Inquisition for the third time, and romanced the same option I always do in that game - Josephine Montilyet.  Hey - my female inquisitor and Josephine make a pretty sexy couple in my eyes.  So much so, that I even made a video ;).

Enjoy <3

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