Monday, March 9, 2015

Friends, Romans, Countrymen...

My Friends, Followers, Readers, and Dearest Darlings --

I owe you a massive apology for my absence as of late.

Life kicked me in the royal behind these past two months, and I've only recently been able to come up for air after drowning for so long.

But on to that later...first off, please accept my deepest apologies.


Many many things were left unattended during this time - practically all except for my day job.  My writing, my blog, my friends even...

So what happened?


My wife went to the emergency room back near the beginning/middle of January for some chest pain and severe heartburn/indigestion.  She has always suffered from GERD (Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease), a disease that causes constant heartburn and frequent issues with digestion and processing your food.  But she has been treated for it in the past, and has been on a daily medication to help control it for a few years now.  So this was rather unexpected and alarming that she couldn't get rid of the symptoms, and that they were causing some pretty intense pain.  Our health insurance's nurse's line suggested the visit to the ER, as they would be able to more effectively diagnose anything that may have been going on.

So, down she went on her own.  I had asked if she wanted me to go with her, but we didn't think anything would really be wrong.  With that being said, she did it on her own, telling me she was fine and just needed to make sure her medication was still working for her.

What we didn't expect was them finding masses on her liver after an ultrasound...

Cue the panic.

Turns out, my wife had a rare disorder, causing her to have to go through MRIs, CT scans, numerous outpatient procedures, and finally - a liver biopsy.  Her results from blood tests and scans were stumping all of the doctors that we saw (which were more than a few), causing the need for the biopsy to be done.  Unfortunately, that was an unfun experience for her, as the process required some pretty hefty surgical equipment, and my poor wife had to be awake for the whole procedure.

Then, we had to wait.
And wait.
And wait...

Last week, we received the results from the biopsy, and thankfully my wife is cancer free.  That was our biggest scare, and we are both so grateful that we can check that off the list.

From that though, they were able to determine exactly what IS wrong with her, and it's a very manageable disorder, but not without some pretty hefty work.

My wife has been diagnosed with HEPATIC ADENOMAS

These little guys are basically benign tumors that grow with any sort of increased estrogen either being released into her system from medications, foods, or, the like; or being created naturally by her body.

Why does this pose a problem?  It means she will have difficulty with pregnancy, and may be considered a high-risk.  This severely deters us from our plans to become parents, and was kind of hard to hear, even though we did get the good news of no cancer.

With me being Type 1 Diabetic myself, pregnancy would be a high risk for me as well, more so (originally) than my wife.  Also, being pregnant is not something I actually wanted in life.  I'd always even considered adoption instead of becoming pregnant before I realized I was gay.  My wife on the other hand has always known that she's wanted to experience pregnancy, and has known since she herself was a little girl.  Basically, our partnership worked out for the best for both of us.  In addition, my wife wasn't really concerned with the DNA of our baby (meaning she didn't care whether it came from my egg or hers), and since that was a bit more important to me because I am an only child and would like to continue my line down a little, we decided to have my egg transported to my wife, and have her carry the pregnancy with my egg instead of hers.

With all of this information about the tumors of my wife's liver, the possibility of having such complications with getting pregnant and keeping a pregnancy (on top of the already complicated procedure of becoming pregnant as gay women and the cost involved with that), this has brought a bit of an unhappy dark cloud over our household.

We haven't given up, no sir.  But it's definitely taken it's toll on us.  We're already looking at delaying our getting pregnant to a later date, which wasn't in our plans, and on top of that, it looks like it may be very high risk.

You'd think, with two gay women trying to get pregnant, you have more opportunity at conceiving and carrying a baby when you have two participating uteruses (uteri?), you know?  Talk about irony...

So - that has been my past 8 weeks, and my reason for being MIA from so many outlets in my life, including this blog.  My apologies to all of my followers and readers, as making sure I keep you updated and in the know about all the things you read from me is something I hold near and dear to my heart.  The only time life would get in the way of my connecting with you on a weekly basis as I'd like to would be something like this, when the health of the most important in my life to me has a health scare.

So, once again, my deepest apologies, and my thanks for bearing with me as I get back in the swing of things here.  I've actually quite missed blogging during this time away, and it will be nice to have this outlet again.

Love to you all, and thanks again 

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