Thursday, December 4, 2014

I Need Your Help!

As some of you may have known, I just participated in the National Novel Writing Month's (NaNoWriMo) 50,000 word challenge - to write 50,000 words of a brand new novel in the month of November...and I won!

But now, there's more -

My beloved readers and followers - I need your help with something of the utmost importance!


I have gone through so many names and work-in-progress (WIP) titles than I know what to do with, but I've settled on 3 to choose from as of now, and I need your help picking which one it should be!

As most are aware, there's A LOT that goes into a title for a book.  It has to tie in with the novel as it is, but it also has to have a sense of mystery at the same time.  You want your title to grab readers and make them think, "Yeah, I really want to read that book!"

I am purposefully NOT going to put a synopsis or blurb of my book here for you to look at, inspect, or base your choice off of in the end.  I truly want a completely raw and untarnished decision from anyone and everyone that answers the question for me.  Which title speaks to you the most WITHOUT having read the back of the book (or front flap for hardcovers)?

So - your input is IMPERATIVE!  Please, choose from the titles in the poll below, and send me any comments if you would like!  Share this poll as well with your friends, because I want anyone and everyone to have a say in it.  You are all going to be helping me tremendously.  Thank you all ahead of time from the bottom of my heart!

Which book title do you prefer?
The Fate of An Illusion
The Choice of Timid Hearts
The Unexpected Fate
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