Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Apologies...and a New Job

So I've been a right git lately.

I apologize to everyone on the lack of posts that I have had on here since July.  It's been a whirlwind of a few months.

Let's see...

So, last you saw me was in July - loving life in Los Angeles, having just started a new job, moved into a beautiful new apartment (you'll see pictures here!), and basically enjoying the summer as it was meant to be.

Thursday, July 24th, I was laid off from my brand new job.

Yeeeepppp - that was a fun day.  The company I was working for didn't really plan well when they decided to revamp their Creative Services department.  Hiring tons of new people to amp up their creative side means, in the end, that it's going to cost more money to run that department.  Well, my company didn't really think about that, and ended up firing 5-7 people off of my team...

...with me included.

So, alas - I was jobless, having just secured a new apartment (and therefore a new rent), purchased a whole apartment full of new furniture (and paying a rather high price), and still had all of my normal bills to pay as well. - including pay for my prescriptions (which are VERY important to a Type 1 Diabetic like myself!).

Things were not good - but hey, I kept my head held high, and hit the job market hard, applying for anything and everything that sounded interesting to me, as well as as many jobs that I could apply to for companies that had reputations for taking care of their employees.

Check in 2 months later - I'm receiving unemployment money - which is just barely making me able to pay my bills - I recently adopted a new dog (long story - but he's super cute!), my student loan repayments had finally kicked in (which eventually got deferred - but THAT was an ordeal) and, lo and behold, I still didn't have a job. I hadn't even gotten a nibble of a possibility.

Finally, after almost 3 months of searching, I found a position I really liked and, thankfully, they really liked me too. I'm now working as a Business Analyst/Social Media Manager for a company that manages charter schools here in California, as well as Illinois, Tennessee, and Louisiana in their Special Education department.  And I LOVE my job.

Anyway, I do apologize for the lack of posts recently - but to make up for it, here are some pictures of fluffy puppies and pretty places!  I'll be back in the next day or two with content posts of books I've recently read, games I've recently played, and movies I've recently seen.  Be prepared for overload!

Til then... <3

My new puppy - Mr. Sheldon

And my new apartment :)

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