Thursday, July 17, 2014

Appreciation Station: Borrow Lenses - and a Chance to Win a Free Camera

So, has anyone heard of the new company "Borrow Lenses" yet? (  It's this great new idea where you can purchase, rent, and even talk to others in the photography/videography community of photo and video equipment.  You can purchase any of the products they have there, sometimes on sale for a "used" price, as well as RENT anything from them as well!  It'll be shipped and delivered to you as you determine, and will await its return from you once you are finished.  All of it is paid upfront - so all you have to do when you receive the rented equipment is go out and get your artistry on.

It's actually owned by Shutterfly - that awesome little photo company that prints your digital photos for a great price (and great quality) and helps you make those memory books of photos that you put together into a little story.  I love Shutterfly, always have, and have used it religiously in my past (along with PicMonkey).

Anyway, if you have any use for Borrow Lenses, I highly recommend them.  Whenever I need my next set of equipment, you'll be sure I'll be contacting them for quotes and how to get my gear to me.

In case you'd like to try and win a new camera from them (they're holding a contest for their launch), you can follow this link: 

Among the prizes are a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, a Panasonic GH4 4K Mirrorless Camera, or a Canon 6D Digital SLR. There are many bonus prizes as well from:
CinevateZacutoFro Knows PhotoThink Tank PhotoSmugMugPeak DesignNik SoftwareMyPublisherSnapKnotFiilex LEDPeter HurleyMoose PetersonLexarCustom SLR, and Videopixie

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