Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Appreciation Station: SANDRA BULLOCK

Today's Appreciation Station segment is dedicated to the wonderful, award-winning actress Sandra Bullock.

Whether you know her from the movie "Speed", "Miss Congeniality",  "The Blind Side", "The Proposal", "The Heat", or most recently, "Gravity" - you can not deny that Sandra Bullock is one talented person.

From her Oscar-winning portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohey in "The Blind Side," portraying a mother in the deep south that takes a young African American man off the streets and into her home without so much as just a need to make sure that teenager stays on the right path; to her comedic brilliance of a role as FBI Agent Gracie Hart (or "Gracie Lou Freebush") in the hilarious "Miss Congeniality" of undercover agents taking over the Miss American beauty pageant - there is nothing our Ms. Bullock can't excel at.

Most recently in "Gravity", Bullock is being critically acclaimed across the charts as this year's winner for Best Actress.  She was unmistakably the best part of the movie, aside from the stunning visuals and great story-telling.  Bullock OWNED that movie, and made it all hers.

Not to mention the fact that Bullock has remained down-to-earth despite her worldwide fame.  She is a humanitarian deep down, supporting equal rights, visiting countries to try and raise funds for hungry children and less-fortunate civilizations, and more.  And she's a great mom too to her son Louis.

And she's DAMN funny!

And even more so, she makes a point of being able to laugh at herself and not care about what everyone thinks.  That's a rare quality to come across in the Hollywood world and celebrities. 

Sandra Bullock is one of those people I really enjoy supporting and rooting for in many cases - from awards, to the movies she does, to the things that happen in her life and are made public.  I could watch her forever, and never be bored.  And no matter what movie it can be or the ratings it gets, I always seem to find myself plastered to a seat in the movie theater watching her movies.  And I will be for the rest of the time that she makes movies.

I mean, how can you *not* love this woman?

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