Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wedding Stress

FYI Friends...whenever you plan a wedding, make sure you keep your anger and frustration to a minimum, otherwise the planning of it may cause a cancellation in nuptials lol.

My fiancee is pissing me off slightly today lol.
She wants to go pick out something for our wedding centerpieces that we have talked about, but haven't actually DECIDED on, without me.
Granted, it's not a big deal - it's a piece of the centerpieces that we're doing ourselves, and we've already gone over the basics.  And maybe I'm old-fashioned but, I want to do everything regarding the wedding TOGETHER.  We are never going to plan a wedding again (hopefully!!), so I want to experience every step of the way with her.
And yes, that means even going with her to the craft store to buy colored sand lol.

But instead she gets mad at me and claims that I'm always giving her sh*t when she wants to go do something on her own.  So, we have this LONG, 4 hour conversation about how I DON'T do that, with COPIOUS amounts of evidence supporting that statement, and she finally says that she's wrong and she's sorry for her thinking that.

I just felt weird about that, that she felt a certain way about me in which I have NEVER given her example to believe in the past, except for a few times where it was LEGITIMATE (not being home by the time she told me she would and not letting me know ahead of time - sure, that can happen here and there over the course of years, but not more than 3 times in less than one year, that's not okay).  Now things are all awkward with us today, and it's making me feel...weird.

Oh, and today just happens to be 31 days to our wedding lol.

All of these last minute things, getting everything together, getting everything set up and finalized, confirming with all of the vendors and venues and planners and crew...

It's exhausting and stressful, and making my fiancee and I more irritable than usual.  Part of me can't wait for the wedding to be over, just so that we aren't at each other's throats about things lol.

I can't wait for the honeymoon where we can just relax and forget about all the stress of the wedding.

Til then...

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