Monday, September 9, 2013

Sharing is Caring - Videos: "She Keeps Me Warm" Official Music Video by Mary Lambert

Mary Lambert is an up-and-coming lesbian musician that made her claim to fame collaborating with Ryan Lewis and Macklemore on "Same Love", the hip hop song dedicated to equality and same rights for everyone.  Now, after the success of "Same Love", Mary Lambert has started her own solo career, beginning with her first single as the extension of the chorus she developed for "Same Love" - "She Keeps Me Warm".  Recently, the official music video premiered to audiences from VEVO, and it's spectacular.

Mary is a wonderful role model and guide to helping pave the way for equality for the LGBT community.  Premiering this song at the top of the charts and including a lesbian dynamic in the music video, gaining thousands of views and support - she is helping make it all the "same love" instead of the separation of gender and sexuality that has been the norm for too long now.

Watch the video below, and follow Mary Lambert on Facebook.  She's worth every like she can get...

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