Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sharing is Caring - Videos: "A Letter From Fred"

I stumbled upon a short documentary today called "A Letter from Fred", about a 96-year-old man named Fred who had recently lost his wife, and wrote a song about her to commemorate his relationship with her.

Fred Stobaugh, 96, remembered laying eyes on the prettiest girl he ever saw: It was 1938, and she was a car hop named Lorraine at an A&W Rootbeer stand in East Peoria, Ill.

Two years later, she was his wife. They remained together until Lorraine's death this year.

"She gave me 75 years of her life," Stobaugh said in an online documentary.

It was this love story that transformed Stobaugh - not a musician by any means - into a chart-topping songwriter and Internet star.

Soon after Lorraine died, Green Shoe Studio, an Illinois-based music studio, held an online contest for singer-songwriters. Studio employees were sorting through uploaded videos when they received a manila envelope.

Inside were heartfelt lyrics that Stobaugh wrote about the love of his life, titled "Sweet Lorraine."

The studio said the lyrics didn't meet the submission criteria for the singer-songwriter contest. But it did him one better - the studio had professional musicians work with Stobaugh to transform the lyrics into a song.

The studio created a documentary video telling Stobaugh's story.

Fred's song can now be purchased on iTunes or Google Play. Help Fred by purchasing the song today.

Find the original article here.

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