Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Orange Is The New Black

My fiancee and I just finished watching Netflix's new original series "Orange is the New Black", and it was 

I highly recommend this show for adult viewers!  It's quirky, well-written, full of amazing characters played by equally extraordinary actors, and is such a unique approach to a story for television, you can't look away.  We watched all 13 episodes in less than a week (and mind you, we're planning a wedding, taking care of a new puppy, both working full time, and me attending school at night - and we STILL managed this!)!

The characters are wonderful:


And the whole show is amazing - the writing quite funny and excellent in it's own way...

My favorite character in the show though has to be Alex Vause, played by Laura Prepon

alex 1alex 2

But that is also because I love the dynamic between Alex and Piper

And hey!!! I mean they reference Harry Potter in the show too!  In the LIBRARY of all places!

The show is excellent, and well worth watching if you can get your hands on it.  It's a ride, and a fun one at that.  Completely worth every minute you spend getting sucked into these women's lives, I am already anticipating Season 2 when it comes out early next year.

And, as always, you can always count on this show for bringing some of the most profound thoughts and feelings of our human condition to life

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