Friday, August 16, 2013

Blog Challenge - Day 27

Everyone has stressers in their lives, and I'm not exempt from that in the least.  But mainly, I have two big stressers right now, and the next few years have a large play in how those end up.

1. Money

Isn't money a stresser for everyone?  I'm worried about my future, my livelihood, my savings, my investments, and my experiences as well.  All of those things require and cost money, and I just want to make enough to survive and live happily.

2. Family Planning

My fiancee and I are already under a lot of stress when it comes to having a family since it is going to cost us an extra $5,000 just to try and conceive.  On top of that, my fiancee (who is the one that will be carrying the child - our choice together) has some reproduction issues - a disease, endometriosis - which hurts our chances of conceiving a baby, let alone carrying on to full term.  We both have issues with conceiving and carrying a child in the womb - with her disease, and my diabetes - so whichever way we go, we have large hurdles and obstacles to overcome.  And I don't want to lose my possibility of having a family just because medical science hasn't come far enough yet...

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