Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blog Challenge - Day 22

Today's challenge - what are my favorite movies and TV shows?  Well, ironically, I've already done some "Sharing is Caring" segments on a few of these, but we'll go ahead and list them anyway ;).
Alright, here we go...

Top 3 Favorite Movies

Little Women (1994)

This will and forever will continue to be one of my favorite movies of all time.  This scene alone shows the love, dedication, creativity, and beauty behind the film.  Though this is the ending, it is worth watching to see the brilliance behind this little piece of cinematic excellence.

2. Wall-E

One of the most original, moving, creative, and "feel-good" movies that has ever been made, Pixar soared with their lovable tale of a robot looking for love.  This scene still brings me to tears from it's shear beauty, humanity, and all the warm fuzzies it brings to your heart.

3. 50/50

I touched on this movie before in my Sharing is Caring section as being one of the most moving movies I have ever seen.  I showed you the most powerful scene from the film in that section.  But now I want to show you the most emotional.  I always cry in this scene, no matter where I am or what I'm doing.  This movie is the definition of the human condition - from the good to the bad, the ups to the downs, and the range of emotion from comedy to heartbreak.

Favorite TV Shows

1. Family Guy

Family Guy is probably one of the crudest, meanest, jaw-dropping, terrible, yet somehow insanely funny and downright scary to how well it depicts real life, that it's no wonder that the show has been nominated for "Best Television Series - Comedy" at the Emmy Awards for a few years now.  Don't take it lightly though, this show will make you squirm, squeal, scream, and - possibly - make you sick!

2. The Big Bang Theory

An excellent show (that takes place in my hometown of Pasadena, CA!) about a group of nerds and their hot next door neighbor.  I love the references to everything geeky that comes out of this show, as well as the characters personalities and dalliances with everyday life.  A true gem, and good for the soul, you can't go wrong with this television show :).

3. The L Word

Yes, yes I know it is cliche - but I do love "The L Word", and, being a lesbian, that is hard for me to admit openly without sounding like a wannabe follower lol.  However, this show is good for two reasons - and that is because of two of the characters - Dana and Alice.  Alice is by far my favorite though for her quirky spirit, her quick quips, and he awesome personality.  A fair show with a talented cast is always worth watching from start to finish :).

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