Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blog Challenge - Day 21

Looking out for the Future (cue the "Oooooo!") 

The wild blue yonder - has always been something I continually do and have kept in mind when I pursue things in life from education to career to relationships, etc.  Today, my plans and views of the future are quite different than they were a year ago - however, I think that these goals, though they may alter slightly, should stick to these core desires of how I would like to see my future...

1. Financially Stable and Profitable

Yes, maybe it seems vain and shallow to want to have money, but it would be such a blessing if I was able to "take care" of anything that could come up in life - from kids' braces to fixing the car to replacing the roof of my home - it would make those things so much easier to handle and deal with if money was readily available at my whim.  Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be a billionaire or anything, because with that kind of money comes a great cost - however - I wouldn't mind considering myself "locally" rich lol.

2. A Beautiful Home

I'd love to own a beautiful home with my wife and family, filled with comfy corners and reading nooks, character and charm, as well as elegance and aesthetically pleasing decorations.  I want my house to be a home, somewhere my child will have fond memories, as well as the place where I will be able to be at my happiest with the people I love most.

3. Continuous Love

I want to have love, stay in love, be in love, and make love the same way and with the same feelings that accompany it now. I never want to lose my spark with my wife, and I never want to tire of her touch.
And I don't think it ever will...

All in All, I Guess I Just Want the American Dream

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