Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another Post About Love

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A Conversation Between Myself and My Fiancee Today

Me: I just want to be the best for you, and I know I talked to you about this a bit the other day, but recently I just feel like all my faults aren't doing so well in making me a good candidate for you.  I just have not felt not quite up to par recently, and that's one of the biggest reasons why.
Her: You are up to par, I promise.  It's really me lately, I'm just so irritable. :/
Me: I feel like, sometimes, I'm just fueling your fire then I guess...
Her: Sometimes, lol
Her: But we talk through it.
Me: I'm sorry.
Her: It's okay, I do things to fuel you too
Her: And don't say that I don't, cause if you do, you have blinder goggles on lol
Me: Lol
Her: But I love you, more than I have ever loved before...
Me:...I love you just the same.
Me: That's why I feel this way I think.
Her: Probably ;)
Me: I've never felt so much emotion over someone though - no matter what the emotion is lol.
Her: We are going to be okay together :)
Me: You're right :)
Her: You are the one for me.  I think I mentioned this before - I loved my ex, but feel no way close to the same way as I do with you.  You feel like family, just no naturally.


As I always say - cherish love's a wondrous thing.

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