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Sharing is Caring - Video Games: "Mass Effect" Trilogy

My favorite game series of all-time - beating out "Grand Theft Auto", "Fable", "Assassin's Creed", and yes, even "Halo" - Mass Effect, a 3 part trilogy (so far) about space exploration, saving the lives of all of the species of the universe, and how the vast world of space around us is really full of surprises.

When playing Mass Effect, there are a few things you need to decide when starting the game, and then how you play from there on out.


First off:  Are you going to play the main character (Commander Shepard) as a female (voiced by Jennifer Hale) or a male (voiced by Mark Meer) character?  YEP!  It's true!  You get to pick!  And everything can be played similarly as one or the other, or very, very different.  
So - are you FemShep or BroShep?

What kind of warrior will you be?  Will you be evil (renegade) and represent a conniving, brash, angered soul (the red side)?  Or will you be compassionate (paragon) and represent a justified, equal, and sympathetic character (the blue side)?  The choice is up to you, and you can change anywhere in the game depending on the option you choose.  Every option that you have presented to you makes you more renegade, or more paragon.  The consequences and rewards of both depend on your choices, and changes the whole scheme of the game.
So - are you Renegade or Paragon?

Who are you going to fall in love with?  In Mass Effect, there is a romance option, and boy - the options are endless!!  Whether you are FemShep or BroShep, you can choose from many different characters - and you can choose to be gay or straight!  How cool is that?!  All the romance options lead you in a different direction for the entire length of the story.  And you can have different romances in each game (ME 1, 2, and/or 3).  But if you stay with one person throughout the whole series, you get special rewards and bonuses throughout.
So - who will it be?

And last, but not least...4.
!!SPOILER ALERT!! There comes a time in the first part of the series where you must choose a character to have stay with you, and one to go and handle a mission on their own.  Unfortunately, the individual who takes the separate mission...never comes back.  Therefore, you must make the decision as to which character you want to live on in your game.  And it stays that way throughout all 3 games of the series.  Both soldiers  both talented with weapons and combat, both geniuses in their work.  But which one stays with you for the game, and which one goes on to live in infamy?
So - is it Kaidan or Ashley?

The entire series is INCREDIBLE.  Take a look as some screenshots from all three games below:

The 3 Covers

The FemShep character in Mass Effect 1 (top), Mass Effect 2 (middle), and Mass Effect 3 (bottom)
Ashley Williams
Kaidan Alenko
Garrus Valkarian
Tali vas Normandy
Miranda Lawson
Liara T'Soni
The Normandy Ship and the Citadel - the "homes" of the game

A wonderful game that every gamer should try once in their life...

*Rated M for Mature*

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