Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sharing is Caring - Music: "Orchard House" from the 'Little Women (1994)' Soundtrack

Song: Orchard House

Album: "Little Women" Soundtrack (1994 Production)

One of my favorite books as a little girl, I wasn't quite old enough to really appreciate this movie when it came out in 1994 (when I was 9 years old).  However, the music was something I immediately fell in love with.  The movie came out right around Christmastime, and ever since it's release, I have associated this song with Christmas.  It has the homey, warm, cozy, fuzzy feeling that I associate with Christmas as well.  And the swell of the orchestra in the middle of the number brings goosebumps to my skin every single time.  I know this song by heart - the inflection of the strings going to staccato, the twinkle of the bells in the background while the trumpet plays the melody through the bridge.  It's a beautiful song, and is composed wonderfully by Thomas Newman (who has also done orchestrations for the movies "Wall-E", "Skyfall", and "American Beauty").

Listen to the song here:
You can also view my post about the movie here!

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