Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blog Challenge - Day 4

First off, please accept my deepest apologies for the severe delay in my next post.  It's been a rough few days with some wedding plans going awry and a family issue coming up - but all is well and good now!  So on we go with the blog challenge :)...

Ah...the parents.  What is there to say about parents really?  They've been around your whole life, they've yelled at you, they've guided you, they've loved you, they've taught you... Parents are vital to everyone's life, no matter what kind of family you come from - one mom and one dad, two dads, two moms, one mom, one dad, an aunt and uncle, two aunts, two uncles, a grandparent or both - any family that you have helps you become who you are as a person.  I give my parents a lot of credit - they did a spectacular job at doing their best to raise a kid.  I've made mistakes, as everyone has - astronomical ones even - but I feel that my personality and details of who I am as a person - respectable, kind, good, genuine, true - all came from everything I learned from my parents.  Now, they aren't perfect people themselves lol, but they're amazing nonetheless.  And hell, they did a pretty good job of raising me ;)

My mom is a retired opera singer, at one point singing all over the world in venues in America, the Czech Republic, and Japan.  She's no big, household name or anything, but she did alright :).  Now she is retired, and has started her own non-profit theater/performing company in Southern California, and she regularly directs and produces productions of varying types, from concerts to plays to musicals, etc.  I'm really quite proud of everything she's accomplished in life :).

My dad is a Marketing Researcher for automotive companies.  Currently he works for Kia/Hyundai in their Internet and Fleet Management department.  He has done this kind of work for close to 50 years.  He has worked for BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, Mazda, Toyota, Honda, and Porsche in his days.  He also was on the original development team for the design, execution, and data response for developing the Mazda Miata.  He loves his work, and I imagine my father will never retire, which he finds just fine as he continues to enjoy what he does :).

Alright my lovelies, that's it for today!  I may be taking another hiatus because tomorrow is Independence Day in the US, and a huge holiday for us.  I am taking off on a trip to visit my cousin with my fiancee until Sunday, so if I get a chance, I'll try and post, otherwise, I'll catch up with you next week.  Enjoy your time everyone (and Happy 4th of July to all the Americans!)!

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