Monday, July 22, 2013

Blog Challenge: Day 12

These days, it's become the norm that if my head weren't attached to me at the neck, I'd probably forget it whenever I left the house!  Yet somehow, 98% of the time, I manage to always remember the following things when I head out the front door:

1. iPhone 5
What can I say?  I'm a child of my generation.  Yes - I'm addicted to my smartphone, and there is a rare, RARE chance that I ever leave it at home when I go out.  The only times I usually leave the device at home are when I am doing it on purpose, or if it is charging from a long day of use already done.  I like having the ability to look up any piece of information instantaneously if I need to, or text my fiancee that I am on my way home and does she want me to pick up dinner, or make that phone call I've been meaning to make all day but haven't been able to do because I've been at work.  It comes in handy constantly, and I rarely go anywhere without it.

2. My Debit Card
The old American Express slogan was "American Express - Never Leave Home Without It" - and I've done just that with my debit card.  Though it may not be an American Express card, I still always make sure to have it with me when I'm out and about.  Making sure I have access to money and cash when needed is something that is important in life, for those "just in case" times.  This and my ID never leave the same spot right next to each other in my pocket holder for those and few other cards I carry around with me (health insurance card, metro card, etc.).

3. Engagement Ring
This is a new addition to my "Never Leave Home Without It" items.  Since being proposed to in late May of this year, I have worn my engagement ring every single day, and now it feels like it is a part of me.  When I do take it off (to wash my hands, etc.), it feels like there is a big empty space on my finger, and I can actually feel it's absence.  Come October, it will be this ring as well as the wedding band - and I'm so excited! :)

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