Monday, July 29, 2013

Appreciation Station: Actors Breaking 4th Wall

In the world of television and movies these days, we are lead to believe and forget that these people on the screen are just actors - they are people just like you and me paid to make us believe that they are in a completely different world, a completely different persona, and a completely different life entirely than the one they live everyday outside the studio doors.  In fact, even shows filmed live in front of studio audience don't show their "bloopers" unless they are worthy enough for the DVD/Blu-Ray collection when it is released.

But there is one show that has been on for many, many years that keeps the brilliance of "Breaking 4th Wall" amongst actors live and well, and on live TV!!  Saturday Night Live is still one of the only comedy primetime shows that is shown live and in its full length without taking away the parts that make people remember that, hell, these guys are people too, and they still have a funny bone that gets tickled when their comrades make one hell of a joke.

So here's to Saturday Night Live, and the brilliance of breaking 4th wall:

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