Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Welcome, Welcome to Another Blog!

Thanks to one of my fellow admins (and close friend), I am taking a whack at starting a blog in which all of you lovely people are kind enough to show an interest in!  First off, I thoroughly want to thank each and every one of you for taking a look and giving me the chance to engage with you one more way. 

What I hope to accomplish with this blog is to let you in on some more information about me, get to know the ins and outs in some parts of the Harry Potter world, share in stories and experiences that people (including myself) have had in regards to Harry Potter and literature, as well as post things that strike me as funny, entertaining, adorable, heartwarming, or just plain restoring faith in humanity.

In this blog, you'll get to know me as a person and admin, while also getting connected to other realms of the universe that surround fandoms, fan fiction, nerdiness, and general all-around geekery.  Not for you?  No problem!  Thanks for stopping by anyway :).

This blog should be updated on a daily basis, if not multiple times during the day.  I hope you will follow me and give me a chance to bring some additional entertainment into your digital lives.  It should be a lot of fun.

DISCLAIMER:  If you are offended or not a fan of any of the following: Harry Potter, The Big Bang Theory, Emma Watson, fan fiction (of the Harry Potter variety and others), Star Wars, movies, music, literature and reading, books, LGBT rights and activism, The L Word, girls kissing, boys kissing, love, sex, and gay marriage - please DO NOT follow this blog.  This is a SFW blog, but haters gonna hate, and I ain't got time for that ;).

I'm quirky, kind, loveable, and fun.  If that's not for you, then it was nice seeing you. Otherwise, welcome, welcome!  It's nice to meet you all :)

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