Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Strike Down DOMA - Strike Down Prop. 8

I am taking a break from the Blog Challenge for one day as it has become known that today is going to be a big day in history for the United States.  In the past 5 years, many cases have come and gone in the courts in regards to same-sex marriage in my country, all culminating to two cases brought to the Supreme Court of the United States to be ruled on TODAY.  The two cases are as follows:

Hollingsworth v. Perry
(California's Proposition 8 Case) 

- This case concerns the state of California and the same-sex marriage laws that have passed through it.  In 2008, California elected state-wide to allow same-sex marriage and have it be fully recognizable in its state.  In November of that same year, Proposition 8 stole that away, banning the law and making it so that same-sex marriages were no longer allowed within California.  The marriages that had been performed were still under recognition, but everyone else was no longer allowed.  A case was brought forward against Proposition 8 by the "Perry" party, stating it was unconstitutional to be given a right, and then have it stripped away based on religion.  The case got so much headway that it made it all the way to the Supreme Court.  Today, that same Supreme Court rules as to whether Proposition 8 is justified, or if it should be struck down, allowing same-sex marriage back in California or, in one possible ruling, the entire United States of America.

United States v. Windsor
(DOMA - Defense of Marriage Act Case)
- This case concerns the Defense of Marriage Act that was signed during President Clinton's time in office.  It is forbiding federal recognition of the same-sex marriages performed in the state's that allow same-sex marriage in the first place.  So, though a couple could be married in the state of Washington (which allows same-sex marriage and all benefits with it), it still means that the federal government doesn't recognize the marriage, therefore, if something were to occur to one's partner, any of the benefits married heterosexual couples receive, would not be the same for same-sex married couples.  This is best known in the Edie & Thea story.  Bringing down DOMA will result in all same-sex married couples having federal and lawful recognition.

Today is a VERY big day.  My fiancée and I are both on the edge of our seats.  If we were able to, we'd be out in front of the Supreme Court right now with many of our friends supporting the LGBT community.  But, alas, we are both stuck working :/.  Please keep me, my fiancée, and everyone of the LGBT community in the U.S. in your minds this morning.  

This is going to be a monumental day.

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