Monday, June 24, 2013

Blog Challenge - Day 2

Nicknames have always been an interesting subject in my life.  I've been called very few, yet they somehow stuck even though I didn't start them, encourage them, or even recall how they began in the first place.  The few that I've been called are as follows:

- Liz (I HATED this name, yet somehow everyone in high school called me this - I tried to kill it for years, yet it stuck; it finally went away after I graduated)
- Elixabeth (this was started because, when my friends used to type my name on the keyboard, the "X" and the "Z" are right next to each other, and many of my friends would accidentally hit the "X" when typing to me, so the name "Elixabeth" stuck)
- Eli (a very, very short-lived nickname that was given to me by someone I dated for a short period of time; I liked it to an extent)
- Elizabeth Riley (my pen name, or "pseudonym", for writing)

And that's about it!  Not too many, thankfully, as my mom (being of British descent) would have it no other way than me being called Elizabeth :).

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