Thursday, June 20, 2013

Getting to Know You (or Me!)

Okay people, today you're going to get to know about me, the blogger herself :).  Please indulge me in allowing the first post of this blog to be about me (and not judge me as conceited in doing so lol).  I figured it would be a prime time to do one, so that I didn't have to bore you later on in the future with mundane details.  Let's get to it then!

Name: Far Nerdy (but, it's Elizabeth too ;P - my pen name is Elizabeth Riley)
Height: 5'4"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Lefty or Righty?: Righty
Summer or Winter?: Winter preferably, but that's because I grew up in Southern California (Los Angeles), and the winters there are pleasant.  I am also a BIG fan of Fall :) 

Birthday: October 30 (yep, that's right, I was born the day before Halloween, at like 11:45pm lol - my mom didn't want a "Halloween Baby" :P)

Favourite color: Blue
Best school subject(s): I am an English major, with writing as my specialty, however I am also very good at accounting, computer science and programming, IT, and graphic design.
Favorite Book: Harry Potter books (duh), followed up by "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline and "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson
Favorite Holiday: Toss up between Christmas and Halloween
If you could pick anywhere to live the rest of your life, where would it be? Back in Southern California.  I've lived in a few different places in my life so far all over the US, but nothing beats "home".  Thankfully, my fiancée has agreed to move back there in a few short years :).
Do you drink? Smoke? Do drugs? Why, or why not? I drink rarely, mostly just as a social thing (weddings, celebrations, going out with friends once in a blue moon, etc.).  I don't smoke or do drugs though - never have, never will.  Being that I am also Type 1 Diabetic, those things can really be a bigger problem to deal with for me.
What kind of music do you like? I LOVE all types of music.  I'm usually not partial to rap or artists like Usher, etc. - but even then, there are a few songs I love and keep on my playlists.  But I'm a big fan of artists and bands such as Damien Rice, Sheryl Crow, Coldplay, Goo Goo Dolls, The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, Bruno Mars, Chapeaumelon, Brandi Carlile, Fun., Melissa Etheridge, Electric Light Orchestra, Boston Pops Orchestra, She & Him, Led Zeppelin, Arcade Fire, Pink Floyd, and Oliver Tank.
Have you ever been bullied? Not necessarily bullied.  I mean, I was a bit in middle school, but that years ago lol?  However, living life as a lesbian has definitely brought me the reality that we live in a hateful world sometimes.  But I'm hoping for a brighter future, as does everyone I'm sure :)
If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Probably Sushi, but then I'm sure I'd perish from mercury poisoning lol
Are you religious? I don't "belong" to any specific religion, no.  However, I went to a catholic high school, where I was taught not what it was being a catholic, but what it was being a person of moral value.  I learned a lot about being open and fair, to not passing judgement, and not assuming the worst from everyone.  I learned there that the phrase is "innocent until proven guilty", not "guilty until proven innocent".  I learned many, many things at that school that made me the person I am today, and the spiritual person I am.
When you were young, what would you dream you would be when you grew up? I had a lot of different aspirations - from filmmaker, to make-up designer, to film editor, to graphic designer, to psychologist (therapist), to writer lol.  I've decided on writer, but I work in non-profits as my full-time work now :).
What is your favorite sport? Both watching and playing = baseball and swimming.  Although I've gotten into hockey lately lol.
What is the nicest compliment you've ever been given? This message I received from my fiancée:  "I feel so blessed that you are in my life. I couldn't imagine life without you now that I am with you. I am so grateful that you are there for me, and what I do know is I don't want to spend my life with ANYONE else, and no matter what happens, I have you and that means the world to me. I will always be able to be happy as long as I have you. You are the blood that runs through my veins and pumps my heart full of love. You are so dear to me, I wish I could describe to you how much you mean to me but the truth is words just don't do it justice. I love you."
Early bird or night owl? Well, I wake up at 6am lol, but I do my best writing, thinking, and more at night.
Are there any childhood possessions you still hold on to? I still have a teddy bear in my apartment from when I was 3 days old :)
Where do you live? Be as general or specific as you want. I live in the Washington, DC area on the Virginia side.
What was the longest car ride you’ve ever taken? I've driven across the United One trip took 6 days, the other took 5.  The longest day of driving on one of those trips was 17 hours.
Do you want to live until you’re 100? I want to live as long as I am able, hoping that I can be with my family and the people I love until the day I die.

Celebrity crush: Emma Watson - and I crush HARD :P 

Totally - I have a custom designed PC gaming laptop, a PS3, an Xbox 360, and a pre-order already in place for the PS4.  Some favorite games include: the Mass Effect Series, the Uncharted series, and all of The Sims games.

Coffee drinker? Yep, every morning.

Are you single? No, happily engaged to be married this October :)

Are you happy? Very!
Are your parents still married? Yes they are :)
Are your grandparents still married? Unfortunately, both sets of my grandparents have passed on, but my mother's side was no longer together, and my dad's side were still together.
Have you ever broken someone’s heart? Unfortunately, I did.  My last ex.  Our relationship was poisonous and detrimental, with lots of things wrong, including some forms of abuse in many different ways.  As soon as that occurred, I left.  Even though it was the right thing to do, I know it broke her heart. 
Have you ever broken your own heart? In ways, yes.
A few best friends or many regular friends? A few best friends - its all about quality vs quantity, right? :)
Have you ever white water rafted? I have not, but I'm dying to try it!
In a significant other, smile or eyes? light or dark hair? Short or tall? Well, my fiancée has both a beautiful smile and eyes, medium brown hair, and is 1" taller than me.  Let's just say that lol ;)
Last phone call? Yesterday on my way home from work with my best friend in California
Last thing you ate? Breakfast this morning
Last thing you drank? Coffee lol
Do you get along with your family? Yes, very well.  My mom and I had a rough time when I was 16-19, but it has since rebuilt and been very beneficial.  I get along great with most of the rest of my family. 
How many siblings do you have? I have two half-brothers from my Dad's first marriage.  One I speak to and love dearly, while my other brother is unfortunately estranged from the family because of some things he did repeatedly despite our constant efforts to help.
Any pets? I have two rats at my apartment, and lovable dog, Riley, at my parent's house in California.  She has a bad back and is handicapped in one of her back legs, so the trip to DC when I moved was too much for her.  She is loved and happy being with my parents and their dog in sunny California, and I cuddle and play with her whenever I visit.
Who is/are your best friend(s)? Maura, by far.  I've known her more than 20 years, since I was just out of diapers.
Any tattoos currently? Would you ever get one? No tattoos, and I don't know if I would get one.  If I ever did, it would be of my child's name, because that will NEVER change.
Any piercings? Want any? Just in my ears.  Nothing else is desired.
Biggest pet peeve? When people are changing lanes while driving and turn on their indicator, then leave it on FOREVER after they've already changed lanes.  Totally bugs me!
What did you do today? I am working today, then I will go home tonight, do my exercise routine before my fiancée comes homes, make dinner with her, then cuddle up and watch a movie before turning in for an early night.
Favorite movies? Gosh that's a hard one LOL.  The Harry Potter movies, for sure, then followed by at least WallE, 50/50, and Little Women (1994).
Favorite TV shows? The L Word, The Big Bang Theory, and Family Guy are some of my favorites.
What age do you want to get married? Well, I'll be 27 when I get married lol
How many oceans have you swum in? The Pacific and the Atlantic
How many countries have you been to? How many states? I've been to MANY of the states, especially in my drives across the county.  I've only been to England though.  However I am going to Cancun, Mexico for my honeymoon!
What would you name your daughter? Addison
What would you name your son? Aidan
Play any sports? I used to play baseball, soccer, and swim
What language do you want to learn? I know some French, and would love to learn it fluently as well as Italian
Titanic or the Notebook? I'm going to have to go with Titanic because my brother worked on the movie :)

What would your parents have named you if you had been the opposite sex? Napoleon - and nicknamed me "Nappo".  I still haven't forgiven them for this lol.

Do you eat breakfast every morning? Yes, every single morning. :)
When did you stop believing in Santa? I believe I was 10 or 11 years old when it happened.
What’s the last time you got a nosebleed? Only about a month ago because of allergies.
What was your first job? I worked at McDonald's as a kid in high school.  I was only there for 2 months though before I started working for my Dad lol.
Ever burned anything on purpose? An old friend of mine and I burned leaves outside once when we were younger.  Boy, did we get in TROUBLE lol.  Don't play with fire kids!
Do you play an instrument? Piano, guitar, ukulele, and Rock Band (lol)
Where do you want to go on vacation? I'd love to travel Europe in it's entirety.  Greece is also up there, as well as going on safari in Africa.  I'd also like to travel to the Caribbean :)

That about wraps it up!  As an added bit of info, here is a picture of me and my fiancée, just so you guys have an idea. She is on the left, I am on the right (this is one of our photos from our engagement shoot where we decided to do a "nerdy" theme one lol):

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