Friday, August 9, 2013

Blog Challenge - Day 23

Something I've that's a tough one, only because I've learned SO MUCH in the last 3-4 years of my life.  As expected, and as all parents tell you, you "mature" around the age of 25 (if you're a girl), and around 28-30 (if you're a boy).  Well, I was right on the timeline and a whole new perspective of life hit me square in the face when I was 25 years old...

I learned so many things about myself, my relationships with others, my surroundings, my priorities, but most importantly, my abilities; and because of all that, many things turned around for me after that time.

Since then, I have done the following:

I've started writing again, and not just for me anymore, in hopes to have a book written and possibly published in my lifetime

I've gone back to school to finish my degree, and I've done FANTASTICALLY - beating all of my old scores, and getting the best grades of my educational career.

I got out of a very abusive relationship - more emotional and verbal than physical, but covering it all - and I'm still waiting for the courage to post about it to all of you, hoping it will help others move on and out of those kinds of places

I've gotten MUCH better with my finances, having a steady savings account, not buying everything willy-nilly, setting up a great budget, and only buying extras when I feel I deserve them, as well as earned them.  Also, I've decided to spend any extra money on experiences rather than things - because the memories I have with my fiancee are priceless.

And finally, at the age of 26, I found the one thing I've been searching for my entire life...

I found true love 

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